A Business Fairytale

Once upon a time there was a business called Luxury Books, it was unforgettable.

Sam started Luxury books because she was sick and tired of feeling like getting her books done was just an unpleasant expense. She felt like life and business were tough enough and she liked to reward herself with manicures, trips to the hairdresser and nice lunches out form time to time to make all her hard work worth it.

After talking to a few of her girlfriends in business they said the same thing, they resented paying their bookkeeper and accountant too – after all they all had smallish businesses and could probably handle it themselves, but they knew it was time-consuming so they all paid for it to be done.

But Sam asked them “Why does it have to be awful, beige, bland and feel like a waste of money?” and none of them had an answer.

So, she took it upon herself to set up Luxury Books, a bookkeeping firm that looked and felt like a luxury day-spa crossed with a designer boutique. Luxury Books would remind women in business that they deserved to be treated like the special people they were and rewarded for all the tough stuff that was an unavoidable part of being in business.

Sam knew that she wasn’t going to be able to compete on price, and that she would only attract women, but she also knew that if she could create something so different and special that there was nothing like it, her clients would love her service and never want to go back to a traditional bookkeeper again.

So she found an office and decorated it to look absolutely gorgeous. Everything was feminine and luxurious, modern and stylish, pink, black, white and metallic shades. She got a gorgeous new Mac and made sure that everything from the front door mat through to the bathrooms looked like they could be in an Instagram shot.

She made sure to have fresh flowers delivered every two days and got a fine bone chine tea set and some macarons to offer her guests along with either still or sparkling Evian water.

The Luxury Books reception area was important to Sam, she wanted it to be welcoming and comfortable so she got pretty comfortable sofas with beautiful pillows, added the latest luxury magazines set out on the coffee table in front of them with bowls of individually wrapped mints and chocolates and decorated the walls with large framed prints of quotes in gold foil.

When you walked in to the luxury Books offices you felt like you’d stepped into another world. It was plush, modern, welcoming, beautiful and oozed professional high-end exclusivity. It felt like a spa treatment or a visit to a designer store, all Sam’s client’s visited her more than they needed to, they loved being there.

When you met Sam you felt instantly that she looked exactly as you would expect the woman who ran Luxury Books to look, and her business card was a simple, elegant thick white linen stock with pink and gold embossed lettering. Her website looked like an online fashion boutique, not a book keeping website, and any time you saw her logo on anything it was just as beautiful as everything else.

Becoming a client was application only, she didn’t just work with anyone. The first step in the process was a slick online form that took only minutes to complete and every application received a phone call from Sam regardless of whether or not it was approved.

Clients talked in hushed tones about the process they each went through once they were accepted it was legendary. Once you were accepted as a client, you needed to commit to at least 12 months, and pay for 3 of those upfront.

A gorgeous Luxury Books concierge visited each new client at their home or office to personally collect any information required to set up the new client account. The concierge also hand delivered an extravagant bunch of pink roses and a bottle of French champagne along with a hand-written card from Sam welcoming them to Luxury Books.

Every month clients were invited to an exclusive Luxury Books dinner, hosted in a new location each time. The date of the event was always the 20th of each month, but the location was kept a secret until the day of the event. On the morning of the dinner each client received a phone call to tell them anything they needed to know about the evening and to confirm the time that the limousine would arrive to collect them.

Sam had custom stationary created for Luxury Books so that everything she sent out reminded her clients that they were being pampered, that they were special and that she cared. She sent out little gifts as surprises, sometimes for no reason, just to make sure her clients each felt appreciated and that she maintained her strong personal relationship with each of them. If one of Sam’s clients had a baby, got engaged or celebrated a special occasion, Sam always sent something.

All the Luxury Books clients that ever became clients stayed clients unless they no longer had businesses because they had retired, become full-time Mum’s or gone back to corporate life.

Sam loved her business and her clients. The only lead generation activity Sam used to do after she had her initial 10 clients was to attend business events when they interested her and meet like-minded women there who ran their own businesses. Sam wrote a blog and contributed to some women’s business magazines because she enjoyed being able to share some of what she’d learned in business.

Last time we spoke to Sam, Luxury Books had a waiting list of 15 qualified clients and she was considering whether or not to expand.

If you’d like to know what little things (or big things) you can do to keep more of your clients, get more referrals and enjoy your business more, let’s talk, it’s time for you to get unforgettable.

*Yes, this is just a story, no it’s not a real business, yes it’s a bit unrealistic, but you get the gist.