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Don't just recruit. Insp-hire.

Build a team of motivated people who love working for you and create leverage so that you can step up and really lead.
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Money can't buy you love

But you need hearts and minds to succeed, not just heads and hands


You’re not running a factory, you’re running the business equivalent of a map-making firm. Things are changing every day and your people need to be able to adapt and change with them.


So you don’t just need them to be physically present and appropriately skilled for a specific set of tasks you hire them for.


You need them to be bought-in to the vision you have for the business and intrinsically motivated to do whatever it takes to deliver the result you need.


To do that you can’t just ‘recruit’. Or just hire a recruiter.


You need a process that attracts, aligns and activates the kind of people you’ve got in mind.


It must create an emotional connection and capture the attention of the kind of person who’s a vision fit for your business and has the capability to deliver the results you’re looking for.


Above all the process must be grounded in neuroscience and switch on the seeking systems of the people engaged with it – otherwise you’ll blend in with all the other jobs on offer – and you’ll find yourself in a purely transactional employment arrangement.


And … you’re back to heads and hands.


Without an emotional connection and vision fit, you’re one better-offer away from losing anyone on your team.


The 5 Pillars of Insp-hiring™

Being unforgettable is about making people feel something; elevating emotion and activating the seeking system to flick the switches in people’s brains that create engagement and intrinsic motivation.


The way you think about employment & recruitment shapes everything you do in your business. Understanding why you need to insp-hire and not just recruit is a game changer.


Why would someone come and work for you? And not go and work for another business with a similar role? This is where the idea of a ‘Job Worth Applying For’ comes into it’s own.


We package your pitch (and other really important info) into different pieces of collateral and share it throughout the proces to polarise people and bring your brand to life.


Insp-hiring is very different to recruitment. The entire process is designed using marketing and CX principles to attract, align and activate great people. We start with advocacy.


We make sure everyone involved in the process is aligned in their perspective, knows the pitch, understands the process and is clear on their own role. Team involvement is key.

Is This Right For You?

There’s no silver bullet, no magical ‘one size fits all’ solution to our collective talent woes. And maybe being unforgettable isn’t really for you. Our most successful clients have these things in common. 

You want it all

Engagement, culture fit and ability. You don’t just want to ‘hire someone’.

You walk the talk

You have core values that you put into practice, they’re not just on your website.

You’ve got a vision

You do what you do for a reason, you’re different and your clients value this.

Your team are happy

There are great people on the team who enjoy being there (but they still buy lotto tickets).

You are committed

You know you’ll have to invest time, effort and money to get the results you want.

Are you just recruiting?

The traditional recruitment process CREATES the attraction, engagement and retention problems most businesses struggle with.


But insp-hiring people helps you win the war for talent, engage your people and boost the bottom line.


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People will forget what you said.

People will forget what you did.

But people will never forget the way you made them feel.

Maya Angelou