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"We are not thinking machines that feel, we are feeling machines that think."

António R. Damásio

Human beings are emotional, we’re not rational. So why does the world of work and especially recruitment seem to be designed for machines? Or at least very rational human beings?

The real answer is TL;DR. And involves a history of industrialisation and scientific management plus the fact that most CEOs and CFOs are left-brained types who insist on metrics, measurements and efficiency.

But this is made worse because HR & Talent Acquisition Professionals have never been trained to think like marketers and to understand things like neuroscience and behavioural economics.

Human beings don’t make decisions differently as consumers and candidates, they’re always human beings, and they’re always emotional. So attracting and engaging great people is actually a kind of marketing job.

There’s a lot of talk about Employment Branding and Employment Value Proposition and even Candidate Experience, but the thinking (and the actions that follow) are almost always based on traditional HR thinking.

And without realising it, the traditional approach to recruitment is causing many of the engagement and performance issues most businesses are dealing with.

If you’re here, you probably feel like the standard approach to talent acquisition is broken. But you don’t know what to do to fix it.

I’ve been there! It’s really frustrating and can make your professional life feel like swimming through concrete, plus if you’re anything like I used to be, it gives you imposter syndrome too.

After spending close to a decade in HR roles and then finding myself on the marketing side of business, it’s only my marketing experience and all the years I devoured courses and books, that I could see what I should have been doing in HR and why the traditional approach didn’t work.

The 3 Unforgettable Principles

These three principles are mixed together to create a powerful cocktail that will turn your recruitment process into a competitive edge, attract activated and aligned candidates, and help you hire for engagement from day one.


Get crystal clear on the value you’re offering your ideal employee as well as what you’re asking for in return (both tangible and intangible on both counts). Without this you’ll struggle to get your message right to attract the ideal candidates.


Package your message so that it brings your brand to life and engages great candidates emotionally. You want to polarise people and make a memorable impact. Great copywriting, video, micro-sites, engaging processes. Whatever works within the context of your business goals and resources.


Deliver a candidate experience that’s on brand and gives a preview of the culture and employment relationship. make sure their onboarding and employment experience is a match for the expectations you set. Actions speak louder than words.

The 5 Pillars of The Unforgettable Way™

Being unforgettable is about making people feel something; elevating emotion and activating the seeking system to flick the switches in people’s brains that create engagement and intrinsic motivation.


The Human OS drives everything people do. Why they want a certain role, what it is that appeals to them, why they stay or don’t stay and what truly engages them. Understanding this is key to becoming unforgettable.


Unforgettable TA processes are built on the foundation of having a clear, compelling message to share. Knowing what you’re really offering potential employees – and – what you’re really asking for in return is essential.


When your TA process is unforgettable, you’ve packaged your message so that it stands out and connects emotionally with candidates. You have a range of collateral to share at each touchpoint that brings your brand to life.


Being unforgettable means you do things differently. Including your recruitment process. This way you deliver an engaging and brand-building candidate experience and make the selection process more enjoyable.


Once you’re recruiting the Unforgettable Way™ your onboarding process will set people up for success and pave the way for an employee experience that delivers on the promises you made. This is how you develop advocacy.

Is This Right For You?

There’s no silver bullet, no magical ‘one size fits all’ solution to our collective talent woes. And maybe being unforgettable isn’t really for you. Our most successful clients have these things in common. Is this you too?

You want it all

Engagement, culture fit and ability. You don’t just want to ‘hire someone’.

You walk the talk

You have core values that you put into practice, they’re not just on your website.

You’ve got a vision

You do what you do for a reason, you’re different and your clients value this.

Your team are happy

There are great people on the team who enjoy being there (but they still buy lotto tickets).

You are committed

You know you’ll have to invest time, effort and money to transform TA from headache to hero.

How Unforgettable Is Your Recruitment Process?

The traditional recruitment process CREATES the engagement and retention problems most businesses experience.

Being more unforgettable will help you solve many of these.

Find out where you need to focus first.

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